KirbySound LLC
Some of the clients I work with have provided references about what I do and how we work together for our clients and show audiences.

"Hello Dan Haas,

My wife and I attended your band’s concert in Rockville Town Square Friday night. You played a great mix of songs, but especially I wanted to compliment the band on its musical balance. The bass guitar and drums were at a level that allowed us to hear all aspects of your sound. Nice singing, too. Thank you."

A listener at the show

"Kirby Sound is a class-act! His professionalism and full-comprehension of his product are a perfect recipe for a successful show. I have utilized Kirby's services a multitude of times and I will continue to do so. The quality of his product speaks for itself and you would be crazy not to give him a call!" 


Event and Media Technologies

Spencer Russell


"Kirby provided sound equipment (and some MCing!) at our wedding and helped make the event come together.  He was extremely responsive to our needs, adapting to our ever-changing requests and questions. Absolutely great to work with (and everything sounded great too!). Highly recommend him."

Wedding in Maryland

"Kirby Sound is a totally pro outfit. Quick and clean, responsive and responsible, Kirby takes care of business in a business-like manner and everybody still has fun."

The Nighthawks

"It was a tremendous pleasure working with you last month at Rockville Town Center.


Speaking for the entire band, Rumba Club was really pleased with the sound mix at the concert. In fact, on the way home, all the guys mentioned what a terrific pleasure it was to work with you. We were especially impressed with some of the new equipment that you were using. We had never encountered a sound man that could make adjustments at any spot on the stage or from any remote spot out front.  Can’t wait for our next opportunity to do it again. I hope it isn’t too long!"

Josh Schwartzman
Rumba Club

"My band and I (Ben Rudnick and Friends) recently played a show at the Rockville Town Square in Rockville, Maryland. We’re a Boston, MA area band and really had no idea what to expect when we showed up for the gig. Well…. Kirby was totally and absolutely prepared for our visit. From a prior conversation, Kirby new our stage plot. All we really had to do was plug in.

As for the sound on stage, simply put, was one of the best mixes we have ever had. The three vocals were warm, full and blended together perfectly. All of the instruments were very present with great detail but without having to be too loud. Kirby has great gear and a great set of ears to put it all together.

All in all, I would recommend Kirby highly. Personally I hope to have the opportunity to have Kirby running the sound at another show where I’m fortunate enough to play."

Ben Rudnick

Ben Rudnick and Friends

"We (4 out of 5 Doctors) love working with Kirby as we get a lot of compliments from the audience about the sound.  Our crowd knows what the band sounds like as they come to all the shows and when something is off, they know it.  When we work with Kirby, he is on time and is three steps ahead of us regarding what needs to be done to pull off a great show sound wise.  He does his homework and knows what the venue can and cannot handle.  When Kirby does our sound, we can focus on playing as we know the audience is hearing the same thing."
- Jeff Severson, 4 Out of 5 Doctors


"Kirby was well prepared, easy to work with and very attentive to our needs.  We certainly recommend his services."

- Woven Green

"Kirby Yarbrough is the best. I have had the pleasure of working with Kirby for several years outdoors at the Takoma Park Folk Festival and indoors at events presented by Focus Music, and the results are always stellar. The biggest compliment I can offer is that the audience never thinks about the sound system -- it just sounds as if the performers are singing to each individual in the audience.
For the folk festival, we try to pack as much music as possible into each hour, and Kirby's organization and skill keeps the turnaround time to a bare minimum -- as little as 5-10 minutes to move off a 5-piece band, bring on another 5-piece group and provide a soundcheck. No drama, no issues, no problems. His equipment is top-notch and his ear is right on. It's no wonder ALL SEVEN acts in 2009 raved about the sound and the professionalism of the Noise Boys (Kirby and Granger Helvey)."
- Scott Moore, Grove Stage coordinator, Takoma Park Folk Festival; President, Focus Music
"After working with Kirby sound at Sterlingfest for the last two years we can honestly say, that of all the shows we play every year this is the most professional sound people we work with.  I have never been more at ease with someone running our sound.  KirbySound makes us sound great because they have the professional equipment and the know how to use it!  When you play live, the sound quality will make or break the show...Kirby and his crew take sound out of the equation so the artist can just worry about performing.  We in Augur always look forward to working with Kirby and appreciate HIS quality performance."
- Levi Duncan of Augur

"We have worked with Kirby on several different occasions, it's always easy and it always sounds good!! He has great systems and he knows how to operate each one. The clarity of sound both out front and on stage is awesome!    We always have a good time with Kirby (even when he plays percussion)."
- Gary & Tom Smallwood, The Smallwood Brothers Band

"Thank you for a job well done on Sunday.  What a great relief it was to have a sound technician who knew what they were doing.  My sister, Care, and I were commenting almost the whole day on how much more enjoyable it made the concert."
- Val Nebbia, Val Nebbia Band

"Due to my long-standing professional and personal relationship with Kirby, I completely trust his attentiveness to details, his mixing, and the quality of the sound reinforcement equipment. It is these factors combined that have given me comfort as a bass player to forego using my own bass amp when I choose, and rely on Kirby's skills and gear to give the audience the sound of my bass.  There is no greater measure of trust as a bassist than that. You don't achieve this trust simply from "a guy with the gear". Kirby's knows sound from all perspectives: performer, audience, as well as soundperson. It shows on every gig."
- Brad Dietz, bass/vocals, Blame It On Jane 
"As an event producer, production coordinator and performer for two different bands, I hire sound providers quite often. Kirby is one of my first calls when booking sound reinforcement. His professionalism, client skills, and most importantly, his "ears" are top notch. All of Kirby's equipment is pro-line, well maintained, and he always delivers crisp clear sound with a clean stage and house setup. Whether mixing from front-of-house or stage-side, Kirby always has his eyes open and his ears on."
- Ed Eaves, Senior Producer, Persistent Vision Productions
"Kirby is not only 110% professional and reliable, but because he himself is a great musician (drummer), he knows and understands the needs of getting sound just right. He also has a great professional network built on an exceptional reputation and hard work. We work with Kirby regularly and he is an essential part of our band "BLAME IT ON JANE". He can handle any venue large or small and is proactive about reaching out to the venue contacts to get all information and details ahead of time which is hugely helpful. He knows the business inside and out and he is a very trusted colleague and friend. The BEST--absolutely!"
- Jane Adams of Blame it Jane, LLC