KirbySound LLC

Having clean, well-maintained and high quality gear is a major part of my services offering.  Your requirements dictate what equipment I bring to your event.  If your event needs additional lighting, audio, staging or other equipment, I maintain relationships with other sound providers and equipment rental sources in the DC metro area to bring the right equipment for your event.


Yamaha QL1 digital

Yamaha Ri8 digital rack

Yamaha QL StageMix apps, Yamaha QL1 MonitorMix app

Apple iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini

Mackie DL1608 digital with Master Fader and MyFader apps


Fulcrum Acoustic FA12ac (2)

Fulcrum Acoustic TS215ac (2)

Meyer Sound UPM-1P (2)

RCF NX-12sma (6)

RCF TT08-A (4)

RCF EVOX 12 (2)


Shure Beta 58 (5)

Shure SM58 (4)

Shure SM57 (3)
Shure Beta 57 (4)
Shure SM94 (2)

Shure KSM137 (2)

Shure Beta 91

Audix D6

Audio Technica AT4033

Audio Technica ATM450 (2)

Audio Technica ATM350 (3)

Audio Technica AT Pro70 (2)

Sennheiser MD421 II (2)
Sennheiser e906 (3)

Wireless Microphones:
Seven Audio Technica AT3141b (D band) wireless units with T341b handheld transmitters (7),

T310b UniPak trasnmitters (6), ATM75 headset mics (3), AT829cW lavalier mics (6), antenna distribution and paddle antennas

ATW-T1802 plug-in transmitter

Radial PRO (4)
Radial PRO D2

Radial PRO AV2

Radial StageBug (2)

Whirlwind Director2

Snakes and subsnakes:
Whirlwind Medusa 12x4 100' snake

Whirlwind Medusa 50' DrumDrop with W1 disconnect

Whirlwind Medusa 6x0 subsnake

Horizon 8x4 50' and 30' subsnakes

Various boom, straight and short mic stands
Ultimate TS100B speaker stands

Measurement and optimization:
Smaart (7.5), Smaart I/O USB audio interface, ISEMcon EMX-7150 and dbx RTA-M measurement mics


Luminair iPhone wireless lighting control app

LM3R Art-Net DMX converter

Chauvet SlimPar PRO Tri fixtures (8)
Chauvet D-Fi Hub wireless transmitter/receivers (5)
On-Stage light tree stands (2)